What Are People Saying About Gut Bar?

We knew we'd found something special when we discovered Aronia Berries for ourselves and knew it had to be our starting point for Gut Bar. What started as a simple experiment to improve our family's health has grown to impact more than we've ever imagined.

We're overjoyed by seeing how so many people have found Gut Bars to be an easy and delicious way to add the power of Aronia Berries to their lives. We love hearing from Gut Bar fans and have collected some of our favorites on this page. If you'd like to share how Gut Bar's become a part of your health routine, be sure to drop us a line.

I’m a nurse and at work, I really don’t always have time to eat. It’s nice to have something I can grab in a hurry and feel good that I’m actually getting some very good nutrition.
- Alicia
If you eat Lara Bars then you will love these and they have so much more nutritional and antioxidant value than Lara Bars. They add aronia berries that give them so much more!
- Desiree
“Not only are these nutritious, they are DELICIOUS! Filled me up and I swear I felt like I had more energy. After reading about the phenomenal benefits of the Aronia Berry, I am hooked for life. I highly recommend!”
- Julie
"I ordered all flavors. So far I have tried the lemon+cashew+almond and it is delicious! I am excited to try the other three flavors. Everything was flawless from the clever ordering app to the timely delivery. I highly recommend!"
- Carrie W.
“I eat one gut bar a day and it keeps me satiated and away from overeating and craving junk. I think I’ve lost a few pounds in the two weeks I’ve been eating them. I don’t want to run out!”
- Leah
No better way to start the work day than with coffee and a Gut Bar. Cacao+Coconut+Almond is my favorite."
- Ted
“As a very busy massage therapist, I have little time to grab something to eat throughout my day. My job is very physical and it’s important that I keep my energy and strength high. I found I can depend on Gut Bar to do the job for me. I’m so excited because they are delicious as well.
- Carrie P.
"I’ve always been an energy bar eater. I usually grab one in the middle of the afternoon as I’m working. The problem is that most bars are junk food with too many added ingredients that aren’t great for you. Those bars would give me an initial energy boost, but my energy would nosedive by the end of the day, at which time, I would resort to caffeine. Gut Bar has changed that! First, it makes me feel better about what I’m putting into my body because it has simple, organic ingredients and sustains my energy. No caffeine needed!"
- Dave
"My doctor told me to eat more antioxidant foods like berries to boost my immune system, especially during these times. I learned that aronia berries contain more antioxidants than any other fruit, so I use both the powder and the Gut Bar to fulfill that need."
- Doug
"Nothing better to take with you on a hike. It keeps me going!"
- Grace
“Oh my gosh! Delicious…and love the texture.”
- Sidney
"Best tasting boost of energy out there!"
- Scott
"As a surgeon, I need to keep my focus at all times. The problem is, I don’t always have time to eat a meal when I’m working. I have found that I can depend on Gut Bar for a quick, delicious, nutritious boost of energy that I feel good about."
- Mary Beth
"I was told I would have to eat more than a pint of blueberries to get the antioxidant power in a Gut Bar. I believe it!"
- Margie
"The bars and powder came in the mail today! We tried the Apple Walnut Cinnamon right away and everybody loved it - our 2-year-old screamed for more!"
- Jonathan