The gut is the gateway to health

The gut houses 70% of the cells that make up the immune system and contains 10x more cells than the rest of the body combined. It just makes sense that you need to keep these gut cells happy in order to have a healthy life.

You may have gut issues and not even know it!

When your immune system (think your gut) is down, your body is prone to disease. If you’re feeling “not quite right”, it could very well be your gut health. In fact, Americans are chronically afflicted with:

What’s at the root of it?

There are many reasons our guts are in trouble:

An intact intestinal barrier is critical to a healthy body and prevention of disease.

Fix Gut dysbiosis and Leaky Gut and you fix the problem!

Leaky Gut in a Picture

Improve your gut health – improve your overall health

If you want to keep your body healthy and prevent disease, you have to take care of your gut! The BEST thing you can do to help is regularly consuming foods high in polyphenolic and antioxidant compounds.


Aronia berries have over 245% more antioxidants than blueberries.


When you take care of your gut, you take care of your whole body.

What Customers Are Saying


After about four days of running out of Gut Bar Powder, I noticed a difference. I started to have issues with bloating and even had less energy. I ordered more, started using it daily again, and the issues resolved within days. I’m not going to let myself run out again!

~ Jack


I’m so glad that you have many ways to consume Aronia. I come from Poland where everybody uses it for different health reasons. It is difficult to find here in the states. I am a customer for life!

~ Anna


With time, my digestive system doesn’t seem so fickle anymore. I can eat without such horrible discomfort. You were right! I think it helped heal my gut!

Over the years, I have come to understand the Gut-Brain connection. I have learned that keeping my gut strong leads to a much better frame of mind and increased cognition. Gut Bar Powder makes it easy to include aronia, along with Gut Bars and Gut Bar Shot to my daily regimen. It has helped tremendously!

~ Blake


It took patience, but I have been able to ween off of my IBS medications over several months by using Gut Bar Powder each day. Of course, I try to watch what I eat. I use a heaping teaspoon full in my smoothie or yogurt.

~ Margaret


I’m so happy that Gut Bar Shots are becoming available. I played football at Iowa State where we were given a shot of Aronia juice after our workouts to help reduce post work out inflammation and speed up recovery. It works!

~ Matt


I am a volleyball player who came to the U.S. from Poland to play volleyball and go to college. I met my husband and stayed. I have missed being able to get Aronia berries and products easily. They are consumed for a variety of health benefits in Poland. I’m so glad that you have your Gut Bar products. I like that you have a variety of things to choose from.

~ Aniela


I’m in tears as I write this! I have suffered with gut issues, including colitis for so long. Nothing worked. Gut Bar Powder has been a game changer for me!

~ Trista


Gut Bar Shots are the perfect pick me up in the middle of the afternoon. So much better than caffeine, as I don’t dive later AND it’s good for my gut!

~ Carla


My mother lives in Macedonia and eats Aronia berries for her high blood pressure. I know it helps improve health overall! So glad you have aronia products here now!

I’m so glad you have the option for subscriptions. It reminds me to get my healthy Aronia berries everyday!

~ Margie


I eat one Gut Bar each day as a part of a weight maintenance program. My biggest problem has always been cravings. With Gut Bars, I feel full, my sweet tooth is satisfied, and I have seen that I eat less overall.

~ Chris

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Research tells us to eat berries for overall health, but especially gut health. Why? Because they are high in polyphenols and antioxidants – something we need to fight off free radicals. And Aronia berries are much higher in those than any other berry, so a little goes a long way!

You have to eat almost a pint of blueberries or açaí berries to get the same amount of antioxidants as in a handful of Aronia berries (about 20-25 berries) – the same amount as in one Gut Bar or one heaping teaspoon of our Gut Bar Powder.

Learn why Aronia is called a magic berry on our “Why Aronia?” page.

AT LEAST 70% of our immune system resides in the gut. By “gut” we don’t only mean the stomach, but also the small intestines and the colon. Over time, the intestinal barrier becomes compromised because of things like:

  • Preservatives and refined sugars in our food
  • Prescription and OTC medications
  • Diet and stress
  • The environment around us.

This causes gaps in the intestinal lining (also called leaky gut) and allows food particles to escape into our bloodstream – becoming free radicals, causing inflammation and wreaking havoc on our immune systems. In other words, the gut is everything in terms of overall health!
Learn more about the issues caused by leaky gut on our “Why the Gut?” page.


We say YES! because we know how nutritional the bars are and how thoughtfully they are made. Many of our customers say that is why they buy them!

  • Healthcare workers who work crazy long shifts and don’t always have time to sit down for a meal.
  • Pilots, flight attendants, and people who travel a lot use Gut Bars as a meal replacement.
  • And let’s not forget hikers, bikers, golfers and other active people.

Customers love our Gut Bars because they are satiating and keep you full for a good long time. But most of all, they say they love them because they are delicious, provide real, functional nutrition and don’t have fillers or added sugars like most other bars. Perfect for a meal replacement!

When using the Gut Bar Powder, it’s important to remember that consistency is key! Just a teaspoon a day has helped many of our customers.

Because the powder contains the whole berry including the skin, we recommend using it with something of substance, like a smoothie, yogurt, oatmeal, kefir, etc. The skin of the berry is not water soluble (which is a good thing and a very tolerable, gentle fiber – good for the colon!), so it may float on top if you put it in water or coffee.

Some customers get very creative and include it in cooking – pancakes, salsa, all kinds of sauces, baking and salad dressings. Other customers just want to take their Aronia and move on, taking it by the teaspoon and knocking it down with a glass of water or juice. Whatever works for you!

Because of the high antioxidant and polyphenolic content of Aronia berries, the juice gives you a nice boost of energy, as as anti-inflammatory and immunity-boosting effects.As a matter of fact, athletes and other active people love a shot of Aronia before or after workouts for its anti-inflammatory effect. And our Gut Bar Shots are the perfect amount and array of antioxidants to make a great immunity boost!