Aronia & The Gut

The gut houses 70% of the cells that make up the immune system and contains 10x more cells than the rest of the body combined.

70% of your immune system resides in your gut!

All wellness begins in the gut with the digestive system being the fundamental component how we absorb and process key nutrients, fight inflammatory processes and improve our immune health. Gut Bar was created with your health in mind.

The problem is that there is the lack of quick immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory foods that can be taken on the go…foods that actually DO SOMETHING… while at the same time, filling and satiating so that we don’t overeat.

WHOLE, RAW, and REAL ingredients such as dates, nuts, cacao and prebiotic chicory root powder helps to increase gut happy fiber, and enhances the flavor of the nutrient dense Aronia Berry. The result is a GREAT TASTING, gut boosting, health enhancing, whole food option for those who need quick, healthy, immune-building energy that will help keep hunger at bay.

Gut Bar features at least 25 organically grown Aronia Berries in each bar…the recommended daily allowance for ultimate antioxidant activity.

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THE ARONIA BERRY America’s true “Superfruit”

Regarded by Native Americans as the “magic berry” and used for medicinal remedies, Aronia delivers true FUNCTIONAL benefits to the body.

Nature’s true “super fruit” – an antioxidant powerhouse that exhibits more freeradical fighting ability than any other fruit including blueberry, acai berry and even elderberry.

Because of its exceedingly high levels and unique
combination of natural plant anthocyanins, flavonoids, polyphenols, antioxidants and vitamins, it delivers incredible benefits of reducing inflammation and helping balance the digestive system, supplementing the everyday diet and benefitting overall health.

The deep dark purple-black color of the skin gives the berry high levels of tannins and a slightly astringent taste characteristic of many high-antioxidant foods, making it difficult for some to eat alone. Adding sweetness (dates) chocolate, coconut, lemon, etc., helps elevate the flavor and make for a truly delicious experience for the taste buds.