Cacao + Coconut + Almond

Mix and match any flavor of Gut Bars. Craft your cart with any variety of our four delicious flavors:

  • Cacao + Coconut + Almond
  • Lemon + Cashew + Almond
  • Cashew + Coconut
  • Apple + Walnut + Cinnamon

Each bar contains at least 25 Aronia Berries and is bursting with antioxidants.

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Chocolate, almonds and coconut – a delicious combo!


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I eat one Gut Bar each day as a part of a weight maintenance program. My biggest problem has always been cravings. With Gut Bars, I feel full, my sweet tooth is satisfied, and I have seen that I eat less overall.


I’m so glad that you have many ways to consume Aronia. I come from Poland where everybody uses it for different health reasons. It is difficult to find here in the states. I am a customer for life!